Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Rockville, MD

Aside from providing security teams to monitor fire systems, our company can also appoint a team of armed guards, as well as unarmed guards. This type of service is applicable to all kinds of businesses, but we believe that certain businesses like banks can benefit from hiring a security company that can provide them with armed security.
We also believe that a team of unarmed guards is helpful if you run an institution, they can assist with checking identification and general implementation of your rules.
Whether or not you are a business or a residential area, erring on the side of caution is better than leaving yourself unprotected. Here are some benefits of hiring armed security teams:

They act as your first line of defense.

Everyone knows that armed security guards are complementary to law enforcement companies. For example, if a robbery or invasion happens, the armed team will know what to do to apprehend the thief and keep your employees and customers safe at the same time. The function is the same if you hire them for personal reasons.

Aside from that, they can also help you in other situations like an emotional and financial loss.

Unarmed guards can also serve you well if your main concern is just security. However, armed guards have the upper hand when it comes to dealing with crimes as compared to unarmed guards, which is why they are considered the better option.

This is especially true for businesses that are in charge of moving large amounts of money, jewelry, or gold bars.

At Rockville Security Guards Experts, we ensure that our guards, whether armed or not, are given the training to handle any situation before it escalates further, and all of them are given updates on different methods of mitigating crime and security measures.

You can use them for surveillance.

Every guard that comes out of our company is vigilant and keen when it comes to spotting crime. In the US, military veterans are said to take jobs as security officers after retiring from their military duties. Given their extensive background and the additional training to be credited as a security guard, you can be sure that the security staff produced by is highly qualified to guard your business.

A security guard has a lot of responsibilities, including monitoring the surrounding areas and the camera feeds. With a security team, it’s ideal to have a security team so that you can focus on your business.

They undergo a considerable amount of background checks.

Before anyone is hired to be part of the security team, we check all the backgrounds to ensure that they can be trusted to handle weapons. The background check also includes an FBI check to make sure that there is no data showing that the potential candidate is capable of handling a gun and has no prior records that can disqualify them. Everyone we hire has to have a sound state of mind and are stable in highly stressful situations during work.

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